hi! my name's katie. when i was younger and had (far too much unsupervised) internet time, i used to wittle away the hours by googling "[insert random junk here] fansite". this led me to a lot of independent sites - largely geocities - dedicated to anime, videogames, and specific characters. i loved fansites! i wanted to have my own and belong to a webring and be an ~admin~. unfortunately, being 10 or so, i didn't have the power or knowledge to do so. by the time i did understand how to post my own stuff, it was largely on message boards and forums, then later things like xanga, myspace, tumblr, &c.

now the web is pretty soulless, and when i saw someone by chance post their neocities on twitter, i knew i wanted to make one. i'm still not entirely sure what i'll post about on here, or how long i'll keep it up, but i'm excited to give it a go :)

16 april 2020


books, literature, music, anime and manga (less and less now i don't have time to sit down and watch it, lol), painting, crochet, trying to learn more crafts to be mediocre at, cats!!!, disability, lgbt media and history, lesbianism.

16 april 2021

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  • 17 april 2021